Hello People!
I'm Nikhil Thakur, and I'm a self-taught photographer.
I have been doing photography for almost 10+ years and been constantly trying to get better at it, to present the world to people with a fresh perspective, one that is unique to me.
By profession, I'm a Network Security Consultant. I am an Orophile and a Biophile. I am an introvert and prefer to speak through my photos.
When I'm not doing photography, I love taking care of our houseplants, having long chats with my soulmate (my wife) who also happens to be my bosom buddy :) and play with our doggos!
I am also a big Hodophile and enjoy my time on the roads with my dost and when we are not doing that, we are exploring different parts of the country/world via other means.
My intent right now is to find my niche or style in photography, so I try my hands at different genres of photography, that I can possibly do.
I would love it if you would peruse my gallery, give your honest feedback, and should you be interested in collaborating with me, I would be delighted to hear from you.
Thank you for visiting my website :)
Stay safe, be calm, God bless.  
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